Abstract Wave


This unique design mixes modern art with a beautiful tubing wave, accented by bright shades red, orange, gold, teal green and rust.

This board is 6’. Larger boards available upon request. The hi- resolution, rich color art is printed on fabric and sublimated into the board. The art wraps around the entire deck of the board to the bottom so that when displayed, all you see is the art. The bottom of the board which is against the wall and not shown, is white. Each Board comes with an installed hanging system so that your board can hang on a typical wall with picture hooks. Your board will weigh about 6-7 pounds (3KG). The board does not come with fins. Fin boxes are available on request. These are real surfboards with typical construction of a polyester foam core surrounded by a strong fiberglass skin with a polished gloss coat (“automotive finish”) on the surface. Each board is hand signed and numbered on top and bottom and a description is written on the bottom.

Boards take about 8 - 10 weeks from the time you order until the time we ship you board.

Shipping costs TBD according to destination - approximately $200 - $300.