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WADE KONIAKOWSKY - The Art of the Ocean

"The ocean is my inspiration. My art is a reflection of this great
force that has shaped my life ." Wade Koniakowsky has spent his entire
life involved with the ocean and art. He is thought by many to be on the
cutting edge of the new-school of marine art.


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Commissioning An Original Oil Painting

Lynn Koniakowsky

Commissioning a painting is basically ordering a custom piece of art of a subject, size and shape that you choose.  It’s the perfect way to get exactly what you want. At any given time I am working on several commissions. What I have learned in doing numerous commissions over the years is the following:

1.)   Make sure I’m the artist you want to work with. Does my work really inspire you? There are numerous artists to choose from. Why me? It’s good to be in a place where any number of my paintings would suit you. If you feel that way then you’ve selected the right artist.

2.)   From there, we collaborate on an idea for a painting that ideally is within my “wheelhouse”. For example, if you looked through my catalog, you would find no still life paintings. It’s not that I couldn’t do one, or that I’m down on still lifes; but it’s not what usually inspires me. So that would not be a subject I would be passionate about. On the other hand, if a collector says“I like this painting of La Jolla. Could you paint my favorite beach in Point Loma in a similar way?” - now we have a connection. A point of view. If you say, “I love your surf scenes, I’d like to commission you to paint my son playing football at Penn State”, then you’re pulling me out of my wheelhouse. “I love your paintings of Polynesian women, could you paint my cat”, and so on. Again, I can and I have but have you tapped into my passion? The best commissioned paintings I’ve done are derived from familiar subject matter. If you have an idea you want to run by me, I will do my best to give you an honest opinion and if I don’t think it’s a fit, I’ll offer an alternative idea. I’ve also referred the  collector to another artist on numerous occasions.